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Haruta to Chika – The Mysterious Romance of Dull Writing and Underwhelming Music [Review]

Breaking away from the traditional and expected genre pairings is an incredibly hit or miss strategy. Although some shows have flourished in its innovation to present a fresh idea to its audiences, Haruchika fell flat on so many levels that it was upsetting to watch. Giving praise where it’s due, creating a mystery/romance narrative is quite complex and the show’s ability to juggle these themes is still quite commendable. However, when assessed as a whole series, not only were its characters unlikable and its soundtrack underwhelming, but its impact as a mystery series was so lacklustre that I doubt anyone will even remember this show in a couple of months.

HaruChika: Haruta to Chika wa Seishun suru



Following the incredibly exciting setup with the Preview above, I honestly expected this show to rival Boku Machi for the title of “Best show of Winter 2016”. The preview eluded to a lot of engaging characters who each contribute their own personality to seemingly insolvable mysteries to result in the growth of their school orchestra. I do agree with those statements, but once again it’s the show’s inconsistency that means I can only support this with a half statement. There are episodes where this is prominent and those episodes are interesting and engaging but there are so many others (including the very first episode) where I can’t seriously say that. I hate that I can’t sing this show’s praises, I really do, because I anticipated this show more than Boku Machi and Phantom World. I just never felt connected to any of the characters or that any of them were developed enough to a point where they felt relatable.

Somewhat effective dynamic between main characters

Despite that, I do think that the dynamic between the show’s two main protagonists served its purpose. Although they were both after the same love interest, it was rarely ever presented in an irritating way. Although I really disliked Haruta’s character as a whole, his interest in Kusakabe felt justified and on multiple occasions it was shown that the boy genuinely cares for his teacher and isn’t just blindly in love with him.

Now we get to Chika, to me it never felt like she really had anything to contribute other than “I love my teacher”, “I don’t understand” or “Haruta got in the way again”. I wouldn’t mind this for most characters (there’s often an airhead character in a romance show) but to have your audience relate mostly to what is essentially the less intelligent protagonist isn’t a good move. Often the solutions to the mysteries are so convoluted and ridiculous that the audience physically cannot keep up with Haruta’s thoughts. In short, the show presents Chika as a relateable character, and then proceeds to insult and make fun of her – which in turn feels like the show mocking the audience because they didn’t know you could paint a rubiks cube.

The mystery aspect falls flat on its face

Continuing with the mysteries, I am so conflicted on how to discuss the mystery element of this show. It just feels half-arsed and uninspired. I honestly believe that if this show just stuck to its guns and focused itself around the brass band club elements and the romance between characters, it would’ve worked better for a few reasons.

One: Nobody would care, Haruchika had so much hype built around it that even if the show ended up being the fascinating show people expected, it would still received a beating. Making a mystery-romance anime is bound to turn heads because it’s such an uncommon combination we’re used to seeing. The hybrid is so hit and miss, this show was a miss.

Two: ALL of the characters would feel fleshed out and actually alive in the brass band. I get that a band like this needs to have a lot of people, more than you can present in a 12 episode run time, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that so many of the clear supporting cast felt like filler. The only support character I felt was interesting was Serizawa and that’s me clutching at straws.

Three: P.A Works has proved on multiple occasions that they can juggle multiple characters in one show and make them all feel different and memorable. Look at shows like Angel BeatsNagi no Asukara and Shirobako, they’re all great examples of how to effectively present a variety of characters in various run times.

On another note, the show felt way too formulaic and predictable – and when a mystery show becomes predictable that’s not a good sign.


The show simply repeats this formula for about 10 episodes, then they remove the last part for the last two episodes for more “Haruta fawning over Kusakabe” time. This kind of repetitive structure works for simple shows who know they’re only gag shows, but it doesn’t work when a key theme of the show should be that you shouldn’t know what to expect. Take a video game perspective, if you knew how every puzzle in the Professor Layton games ended – regardless of the method of solving it – then you wouldn’t play it.


Overall, I really wanted to like this show, but I felt engaged in only the drama club episode and I laughed at the final joke in the bus where they decide the new club president. Obviously it has the nice looking visuals you expect from P.A Works but nothing else you would expect from such an experienced studio is there. It really is a sub par show at best, if you want a good slice-of-life show central to a high school brass band atmosphere, I recommend Hibike Euphonium (it’s a bit yuri though so be warned).

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