Bitesize Shows – Winter 2016 Reviews

With every season, a selection of “timewaster” anime is released alongside the “real” anime. Despite what you would think, not all of these shows are worthless and I make an effort every season to try as many short episode anime as I can. This season I watched three shows with episode lengths less than 20 minutes and here are my thoughts on them.

Ojisan and Marshmallow

BSS - Marshmallow

If you’re devastated at the recent lack of shows like Ore Monogatari!, I thought I would be able to recommend this show as a somewhat suitable replacement. Although to my surprise the protagonists of these shows don’t always act similar.

Ojisan and Marshmallow is a 3:30 minute show which follows Hige Habahiro, an older overweight man with a serious love for Tabbeko Marshmallows. The show focuses on Wakabayashi’s attempts to lure Hige into a romantic relationship despite seemingly being on completely different leagues.

This is a fun show and one of the few of its kind where the audience actually feel connected to the characters. Once the show becomes more of a love triangle premise, whether you’re rooting for Wakabayashi or Mioko, you’re rooting for someone. If you have about 40 minutes to marathon through it, it’s one of the better shows with such a restrictive time frame.

Teekyuu Season 7

BSS - Teekyu

I started watching Teekyuu at college whenever I had a few minutes of break and I soon came to fall in love with it. I made an effort to marathon through the rest of the show (around 70 episodes) so that I could write about this show. Now that I’m here, how do I even review this show.

This show’s pacing is actually impressive, I think this show accomplishes more in one season than some slice of life shows do in a season.  This show crams in so much in each episode that I was worried it would fall in the same way I feel Somera-chan did. Thankfully, there is a good balance of “lol zomg random humour xDD” and actual content.

Season 7 of Teekyuu doesn’t really do anything different from its 6 seasons prior, but it really doesn’t need to. Teekyuu has taken the anime industry by storm and it shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Also get hype for another Teekyu spin off show “Usakame” to be released next season, also being done by Studio Millepensee who have made the last 4 seasons of Teekyu.

Sekko Boys

BSS - Sekko

Arguably the best >20 show of the season, Sekko Boys brings together all of the idol anime tropes and humour together with historical references and rock puns. Sekko boys caught my attention when I kept seeing these statues all over the internet, literally everywhere I went I would see these guys just chilling there. This show seemed to just blow up out of nowhere. Studio LIDENFILMS isn’t exactly the most popular studio and the show isn’t based around a huge manga, so this 8 minute episode show pretty much made it big fair and square.

As you’ve probably guessed, the show revolves around these four statues. These four are your main cast and yes, they are literally the Greek/Roman figures that they are modelled after. If you took out all of the visuals of this show, it would seem like a generic male idol show, but it is the unconventional choice of idol member which makes this show memorable. Although if (like me) you have little to no knowledge of classical history, you may find it difficult to differentiate the characters. As the show progresses, each character becomes more fleshed out and individual personalities begin to shine through.

Sekko Boys is an intriguing show and is the most fully fleshed out show of its kind of the season. I feel like if you don’t have an understanding of either the Idol Industry or Classical History, then a lot of the humour may fall flat due to a lack of understanding. It’s been made aware to me that certain references have just gone over my head, but given my interest in the idol scene and basic understanding of the industry, I still got a good amount of enjoyment from this show. If there’s any >20 show to watch of this season, it’s this one.


This is your public service announcement to never watch “JK-MESHI!”. I tried so hard to ignore this show and completely disregard it in this section, but that would be unfair. The studios responsible for this “show” are Kyotama and Office Nobu, neither of which have note worthy works.

The animation is rough and to put it bluntly, a chore to look at. The pacing is quite literally the worst I’ve ever seen in a show. Even though the show consists of 3:30 minute episodes, it feels like they are constantly stalling for time. Imagine the pacing of Teekyuu if it was the complete opposite. The characters are just boring and consist of the least memorable personalities I’ve seen in a long time.

Not even Crunchyroll cares about JK-MESHI! seeing as every episode is just left as “Untitled”, whether that’s the director leaving the episodes nameless or Crunchyroll just not caring enough, neither is a good sign. It really is a nothing show. It’s not an offensive or appalling show, it’s just a nothing show. I can’t make it clear enough how not worth your time this is. It really is awful and it’s a shame.

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