Bitesize Shows – Spring 2016 Reviews

With every season of feature length anime, some studios decide that their concepts would be better executed within a shorter time frame. Well it’s either that or they couldn’t get the air time. In any case, Spring 2016 brought a few good time wasters to add to the list which for me worked out great because I had exams and didn’t have time to watch a lot of feature length shows. Here are my thoughts on the shows of Spring 2016 that had episode lengths less than twenty minutes.

Space Patrol Luluco

Given the praise, popularity and how I personally adore the show to bits, I’ve already published a full feature review on Space Patrol Luluco. To avoid repeating myself here is a link to the full review: Full Space Patrol Luluco Review.

BSS - Luluco


Starting with a personal favourite, Usakame is the spin off show to studio Millepensee’s Teekyu (a two minute episodic show following four high school girls in the tennis club). Despite being made by the same studio of Teekyu seasons 4-7, Usakame displays a very different visual style. The aesthetic of the show appears to be as if the show was drawn in crayon which is a pretty charming style that contrasts heavily to the extraordinary personalities of the show. Also notice that the episode length has been increased to 3:30 minutes.

As a result of this increase in run time, the infamously ridiculous fast pacing has taken a hit which is a big downside to this show. As probably the only person who still remembers Teekyu, I still enjoyed Usakame for its insanity and unpredictable writing. It’s good fun when you want to experience some fast paced antics of a tennis club. The Teekyu girls make appearances as well which is a good enough reason for me to recommend the show.

BSS - Usakame

Pan de Peace!

If you’ve ever heard the descriptive term: “A nothing show” then that’s pretty much all you need to know for Pan de Peace. I’m not going to bash the show for this though as it clearly intended to be a standard filler show so expecting anything more would be foolish on the viewer’s end. What I will judge it for is an excessive use of fan-service to attract a larger audience, that’s a cheap move and isn’t something that should be seen as a good strategy.

Sporting a cast of cute girls, it’s rare for this not to occur given the lack of expectations for Pan de Peace. It’s a short show about girls who like bread, baking and eating. You probably won’t remember the show after you watch it so it’s not worth the time if you weren’t watching it as a time waster as it aired.

BSS - Pan de Peace

Wagamama High Spec

Finally, we have the most bottom of the barrel trash that I’ve seen in a long time. The show’s synopsis on every respected site talks of a male protagonist joining the school council because if he doesn’t then the president will leak the ecchi manga that he makes for a weekly magazine. So already we’ve got the most borderline plot setup but the best part is that it isn’t even true. I dropped this show at episode nine because I was certain I’d finally meet this male protagonist, hoping suddenly things would make sense. So either something great happens in episodes 10-13 or it turns out one of the girls is a trap.

Honestly, I couldn’t care either way. The show then has the gall to mention that it’s actually just an elaborate advertisement for some mobile game, this only happens a few episodes into the season. So hook the sad and lonely market with disgusting amounts of fanservice, make sure they know about this mobile game and profit. It’s a mystery why none of the staff have any previous works. Absolutely no reason to watch this show.

BSS - Wagamama High


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