Truly Trash Podcast: Episode One

Albeit a bit late, here is the first official Non-Pilot episode of the Truly Trash Podcast! Now with a refined structure and having received feedback on Episode Zero, here is your tri-weekly supply of anime ramblings!

Within this episode, I unveil the new structure for the podcast including: a seasonal roundup, website update section and a broad discussion topic. Given this season’s strength in the slice of life genre, this episode’s focus is on the genre as a whole and expressing my thoughts on the “Cute Girls doing Cute Things” formula. I hope you enjoy the first episode of the podcast!

You can find the podcast on YouTube:



3 thoughts on “Truly Trash Podcast: Episode One

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I’m not a huge expert in the field but I can give you some tips from what I’ve learned.

      1) Familiarise yourself with an audio editing program. I use Audacity because it’s cheap and super easy to use, get a feel for the shortcuts and how it all works. For my podcast, I cut out a lot of dead space so it’s been really helpful.

      2) Have a plan for your episode format. This is kind of down to what kind of podcast you want to produce, I make a bullet point list of general topics I wanna talk about: “Slice of Life”, “Website Updates”, “Gabriel Dropout” etc.

      3) Have fun with it and don’t take it too seriously. I’m still learning to tone down the seriousness of my speech, people will listen in for your views so just enjoy talking about the things you WANT to talk about. Don’t force yourself to talk about things that are Trending or a current fad, create what you feel passionate about and people will come.

      Hope this helps, I’d be happy to listen to what you have planned if you send me a DM on Twitter! (@Corkin98)
      – Corkin

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