IMPORTANT POST – Website Update and Migration

Before you all jump ship, let me explain this entire post in a single sentence.

Migrating TrulyTrashMedia to another domain is for the entire purpose of improving the content you have followed the website for and provide better quality articles.

Okay, so now that you know this change is 100% for the better, I can explain what’s actually going on!

1) Why is stuff changing? I liked what was on here already.

In short, the restrictions that inherently come with hosting a free wordpress website are limiting to the style of articles I want to produce. With limited media storage, inability to enable VideoPress and use of a custom domain to name a few, this account was being used as it was the best I had.

Now, with the aid of one of my very good friends HeyOT6 (just call him OT), I am now able to break from those restrictions and write the perfect articles that have been desirable since day one! As of right now, I have four articles lined up and ready to publish on the new site and they are all some of my favourite pieces ever written.

ks2 pv
Here is a small preview of a draft on the new site

2) What’s going to happen to this website?

This website will remain unaltered once this post is published and the remaining of the “Legacy Disclaimers” are appended. You can find more information on Legacy Edition here. Put simply, this will work as an archive for the original start up of Truly Trash Media.

The roots of this site are one of the most important things to me and simply taking it down for the sake of rebuilding is downright offensive to me. As such, each of the posts on this site will remain immortalised with a footnote detailing the new place to find updated content.

3) What is actually going to change on the new site?

Other than some backend stuff, there are really only a handful of noticeable changes on the already existing articles. I’ll do my best to summarise each one concisely here.

  1. New custom “.com” domain
    • Currently work-in-progress, URL masking in place as of now
  2. Consistent Structuring to the writing of each article
    • Consistent Featured Banners / Media
    • Refined Use of Tags and Categories
    • Consistent appended footer signature
  3. Enhanced use of media – Video Clips and Longer, more detailed GIFs
  4. Extensive work on written articles in the Winter 2016 period
  5. Embedded video PV’s for the majority of Season Reviews
  6. General aesthetic site polish and visual clean up

All in all, the site is just improved and polished as a whole and allows a higher standard to the oncoming year of 2017 articles.

WebMerge Update 3

4) So where is this fancy new site you speak of?

As of today (25th March), the new website is in the final stages of development meaning that it is in a presentable state but may be under maintenance at times or running slowly. Don’t let that deter you though, you can check out the new and improved Truly Trash Media over at:

As of right now, the Second Episode of the Truly Trash Podcast is scheduled to release in the evening of the 25th March with my Full Review of Konosuba Season 2 to be following shortly after. These posts will not be published on this website so you should go ahead and follow there.

Just like this website, you can follow through wordpress so that you never miss an article, there’s going to be a lot of them coming out within the next few weeks!

5) So are there any new things to check out right away?

While there are currently no completely new titles on the site as of now, there is a bunch of new content for you to peruse:

I have completely restructured, reformatted and reworked my full season review of Konosuba Season One on the new site. This was originally my first post on the site and was definitely in need of a face-lift: including new images, gifs and general formatting. You can find that post here. (Opens in new tab)

The same treatment has been given to all of the reviews of Winter 2016 including:

6) I have a question that hasn’t been covered here…

This is the first time I’ve handled a huge transition like this so it’s entirely likely that I haven’t answered all of the questions that will be on your mind. If you have any questions or queries on what’s going on, I will be more than happy to talk with you personally!

Please contact me on twitter @Corkin98, send me a DM or simply send out a tweet tagging me within it. If you don’t have twitter, leave a comment on this post and I will be sure to get back to you. Although it’s 4am right now and I’m probably going to sleep soon, I’ll be checking back at this post every 20 minutes or so when I wake up so don’t be worried to drop a question.

I hope you look forward to this new era of TrulyTrashMedia

Thank you so much for following me all of this time, the website’s one year anniversary was on the 19th of March and it means the world to me that you have supported me throughout.

This hasn’t been an overnight change, myself and OT have been planning and preparing this transition for months now and it’s with great pride that I can guarantee that we’ve been working our asses off! I really hope you enjoy what I have planned for all of you!

Again, the new site is now available at:

TTM New Signature


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