What is Legacy Edition Content?

TLDR: Original posts to maintain the content that started Truly Trash Media. This “.wordpress.com” site holds the unedited versions of the initial posts – the new and improved versions sit at www.trulytrashmedia.com

As a website, Truly Trash Media was established in January of 2016 and its first article was published in March of the same year. Having ran smoothly and successfully for a year now (as of writing this post), the expectations of the site began to outgrow its shell.

Before you understand what Legacy Edition is, you have to know that around March of 2017, a new and revitalised version of Truly Trash Media was produced. Requiring the features that come with a premium word press website, this new version is at www.trulytrashmedia.com

After conducting some stat analysis on the site’s performance, it showed that – even after accounting for post longevity – the earliest articles were proving to be the most viewed. What this inherently means is that a large majority of newcomers to the sight are immediately met with some of the oldest content we have to offer.

Unable to simply throw away the roots of the website and completely rewrite what started the project in the first place, the concept of Legacy Edition was born.

Legacy Edition Divider

Any post that holds the Legacy Edition Content banner is one that will remain unedited and modified from its original publishing on the date stated with the article. Due to the time between publication and the current time now, they often do not reflect the true style and structure of Truly Trash Media.