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(Casual Article) Mystery Blogger Award Response


I would like to start this post by thanking the wonderful NEETaku for nominating me for the Mystery Blogger Award. Their blog is one that I’ve followed for a while now and their style of publishing is unlike any other I have come across. The process of this award seemed fun so I thought I’d give it a try and respond to the questions they gave.

The concepts of these awards somewhat baffle me personally and I have spoken up on the idea on twitter frequently. This isn’t the first time that such a nomination has been bestowed upon the site, they always seem somewhat redundant. Don’t get me wrong, the idea that bloggers can spread their readers to some of the sites they personally enjoy is always a good idea. I don’t even know what I’m trying to say here, the chain-mail format to these things turn me away from them for the most part which is why I haven’t done anything special for the ones previous.

I guess I’ve always been kinda cynical in that way but it’s rude to simply ignore them, so I have created a category of Casual Articles that posts like this would fit under.

For the record, I’m not going about this in the way that most people would. Usually a list of 10-20 blogs come after this, spreading the love and so on but honestly, it feels tacky. I have nothing against people who do that, hell it’s how I even got nominated but it doesn’t feel like something that should be on the site. As I said before, if you want a good demonstration of the actual rules and so on, you should go and see NEETaku’s version.

This is more of a thank you post for the recognition of my site to those of you who have nominated me for the award. It only seems fair that this post answers the five questions that are given to you when you are nominated so here we go.

There is a hotel in Japan where to can go virtual dates with anime characters. Which one would you choose?

I don’t know about virtual dates but if I could spend time with an anime character I would most probably spend it with Clannad’s Kotomi Ichinose. Any frequent readers of the site or those of you that follow me on twitter saw this answer coming a mile away. Clannad is everything to me and the biggest reason that I can say that without a shadow of doubt is due to Kotomi.

Across the current 80-90 odd shows that I have watched, in no other series has there been a stronger connection, sense of empathy and love for a character.

For less serious answers and characters that would be fun to have a laugh with, pretty much any character from New Game would be enjoyable.

Oh, and I’m currently on a Kami Nomi spree, me and some friends in the TPG Community are marathonning through the series so my answer at the moment would also be Katsuragi, Keima or Elsie. Keima is confirmed to have been on dates with boys before in the manga so who knows?

Who’s your guilty pleasure singer?

This might sound really arrogant but I don’t really believe in “guilty pleasures”, if you like something then you should do it with pride. That being said, I do have a plethora of anime music on my iPod that if my college friends heard it, they would certainly have some questions. My music taste is pretty all over the place aswell.

One day I’ll be listening to American Punk Rock from the 90’s, Korean Pop the next day and Electro Swing the next. Actually that’s a good one, I really enjoy listening to emo/punk despite being in college pursuing higher education so that’s pretty awkward. Having listened to these albums in high school when I was an angsty teenager, there’s a certain level of nostalgia that comes with albums like The Black Parade and All Killer No Filler.

As far as anime goes, I end up listening to something on the Clannad soundtrack almost daily. Since transferring all three discs onto my iPod, I don’t think there has been a single week where at least a couple songs from the soundtrack haven’t  been played. I also made a playlist of my favourite anime openings of which KiznaiverMob Psycho 100 and Kiniro Mosaic being some of the most played tracks on the list.

Which video game have you never beaten, no matter how many times you try?

Surprisingly enough, I’ve had a very similar conversation about this with one of my friends at college. We spent ages brainstorming the games and came to the verdict that I really don’t play many single player story campaigns anymore. I have tried many a time to complete XCOM: Enemy Unknown on the hardest difficulty but never reached the ending – I have completed it on one difficulty down though.

Less of a “video game” but to this day I have still yet to fully 100% the Clannad Visual Novel. This is where you all call me out as a fake fan but I have only played through the routes of Kotomi, Nagisa, Kyou/Ryo, Fuko and Misae. Not out of a sense of spite for any other character, I adore every character in the franchise, but for whatever reason I have still not completed the entire game. It’s definitely high on my to-do list though, don’t you worry.

The Titanic is sinking and 3 of your most hated anime series are onboard. Which ones are they?

This question is so difficult and could very easily ruin my credibility as an anime “critic” but oh well. So this is just a roundabout way of saying, what are my three most hated anime – which is a pretty fun question.

First and foremost, Pupa would be the first to go and I would gladly watch on with binoculars sipping tea with a giant grin on my face. If you haven’t heard of this mess of a show then allow me to slice in a description:

Pupa tells the story of a loving brother’s desperate struggles to save his sister, while protecting the world from her uncontrollable hunger.

Seems harmless enough, but what it fails to mention is that the sister is a gigantic demon and the brother immortal. This inherently results in every episode being an audible series of disgusting eating sounds as she tears at the flesh of her brother to prevent her running rampant on innocent people. Not only are the visuals disgusting, the narrative offensive and the audio downright disgusting, the whole show is a tarnish on what an otherwise acceptable manga.

For the most part, there isn’t really another show that I detest as much as Pupa but I think JK Meshi! is pretty worthless and has no reason to exist. I talked about this a lot in my piece on the bitesize shows of Winter 2016. This feels like kicking a show while it’s down so I’ll keep it brief but it’s just a lazy show that doesn’t really seem to care whether it’s any good or not.

Finally (this is the one where I’ll probably get slated but), P.A Works’ Charlotte would most likely be on that ship. Let me explain, there are a plethora of reasons why I think this show fails at what it is trying to accomplish. First of all, its narrative pacing is counter-intuitive of its end goal as a story. Despite being somewhat consistent when analysed episodically, the overall basis of how the story is laid out is quite frankly a mess.

Obviously with such a strong studio the visuals are great and are not the reason I dislike Charlotte. The show promised such an engaging plotline that would intertwine with these fantasy/sci-fi elements. Charlotte seemed like it had a story to be told but as each episode trailed on, it felt like we gave it too much credit. The show attempted this midway change of heart trope which would pick up the pacing and give some satisfaction as a viewer connecting with the main character.

However, the change of heart felt rushed and not fully thought out. There was no satisfaction from what is arguably the highlight of the series and yet when it had ended, there was stellar praise across the board. I feel like I’m ranting now so I’ll cut it short, the show just doesn’t seem as solid as I had hoped.

Has senpai ever noticed you? :3


So there you have it, my first community / casual article kind of response article. Judging by the current word count I think I may have gone a bit too in-depth but hopefully you enjoyed reading my terrible opinions on things. Again, the whole chain-mail kind of structure to these things aren’t really something I do but if any of you read this and want to do your own then I recommend it, it’s super fun. Who knows, maybe there will be a lot more of these kind of posts in the near future.

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