Hey again, it’s been about 3/4 months since something new has hit this version of Truly Trash Media. A lot has happened in that time so here is the final, super duper huge update video that explains absolutely everything that’s been going on. Also the banner is Orange because I didn’t actually think of a colour for these kind of updatey articles.

The long and short of it is:

  • I tried out the whole self-hosted site but decided it would be best to come back to this version where all of you are still followed and invested in.
  • I’ve updated the visuals for a cleaner more appealing style.
  • Consistent weekly content is currently planned for Summer 2017.
  • This website is where to be, all new articles and everything will be on here.
  • All of the articles published on the .com website will be moved to here one a day
    • Casual Article: Mystery Blogger Award being posted later today.
  • I hope you continue to support me and enjoy my content!

Here is the full length video that will go into detail on the recent changes.