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(Casual Article) Kinmoza Memories – Mobile Game

So recently I’ve discovered that you can play Japanese mobile games which (depending on how you look at it), is possibly the greatest or worst piece of information I could have found out. I would say I’m a pretty tough person to please when it comes to these free app games, but this game advertised fantastic Kiniro Mosaic art that I had never seen before. Needless to say, I’m addicted.

Kinmoza Memories



CA - KinMemo Promo
Promotional Art on the official kinmemo_jp twitter account

Before I begin I need to say that: this is not a sponsored post advertising the game, I just have a lot of praise for it and felt like writing about it.

So mobile games have never really been my thing in all honesty. While Love Live was an airing show and the rhythm game was something new, I did spend quite a lot of time in it but eventually lost interest. As someone who owns a 3DS and a PSP with an extensive game collection for both, portable gaming has always been dedicated to either the most recent Pokemon game or K-ON! Ho-kago Live!! on the PSP.

Games under the “collect-a-thon” category have always been popular for me. My addictive and competitive nature really drive me to own absolutely everything within a game – going as far to complete a Living Dex for Pokemon Omega Ruby. Once I heard that I could play a game where I could collect such insanely beautiful art of one of my favourite shows, the download button was hit within a matter of seconds.

Kiniro Mosaic (Kinmoza) is a slice of life anime that focuses language, culture and high school. Setting it apart from other shows in the bloated genre, two characters Alice and Karen are actually from England and transfer to a Japanese high school following a homestay with Alice as a child. Not only is the art beautiful and some of the most stunning backgrounds I’ve seen in anime, but these characters are incredibly engaging to follow.

CA - KinMemo Banner

Kinmoza Memories / KinMemo is a mobile app that currently advertises 216 individual cards to use in the game ranging from Normal, Rare, Super Rare to Ultra Rare. Similar to Love Live School Idol Festival, you use five of these cards in a team to tackle the core gameplay. Each character has their own colour and super which affects how they act within the game and makes team balancing a game in itself.

KM - Maze Puzzle DemoIf you have ever played a Bioshock game, you will be familiar with the pipe rotation concept of minigame. This idea is that you have a maze of pipes separated into a grid where you can rotate each pipe by 90 degrees to create a pathway connecting one item to another.

Also interestingly, you’ll notice that the screenshot actually shows six characters as opposed to the five in a team I said earlier. Before you begin a stage, your friends list opens up and you choose their Team Leader to aid you in the stage. The left-most member of your team is the leader and your friend’s leader appears on the right ingame.

Each stage has a certain number of items. As time goes on, the rope burns out on the item’s border. Once the rope is entirely burnt out, your team takes damage as indicated by the green bar on the top of the screen. Complete the number of items in time without allowing them to reduce your team health to zero.


With the successful clearing of a stage, you are awarded four different things:

  1. EXP – Used to level up your player rank
  2. Hearts – With 50 hearts you can get a random item
  3. Coins – Currency required to use items/cards to level up KinMemo cards
  4. Stage Rewards – The items shown above if collected in a short time
    • Cards – You can obtain the player card to use in your team or for upgrades
    • Items – Used exclusively for upgrading your KinMemo cards.

Everything in this game revolves around matching pipes to acquire Diamonds which are used to get a random KinMemo card. With each stage rewarding the player with items and coins to upgrade your current collection of cards, the more you play the more powerful your team will get. Speaking of which, the earlier mention of 216 cards is somewhat unfair to say. Although there certainly are that number, there are a plethora of Normal Rank cards of the background characters that are pretty much useless if placed in your team.

To keep you logging in everyday, Kinmoza Memories utilises a Mission system to encourage players to change up their style of play. Each day, you receive four daily missions with a reward if you complete all four within the day. In addition, each week has a list of weekly missions functioning in the same way. And on top of that, there is a daily login bonus ranging from coins, hearts and even diamonds!


Again, this game follows the trend set by the majority of anime apps before it. With each 10 stages a new area opens up and the player is rewarded with a cut-scene – a visual novel style series of text. In my case, these are almost useless as there is no voice acting and the text is entirely in Japanese so they’re essentially meaningless for a Non-Japanese speaking audience. Thankfully, the cut-scenes are not the only reward for clearing stages.

One of my favourite things about this game is that it’s incredibly fast paced when compared to other card collecting games of this nature. I’ve only been playing for a couple of weeks and already rolled two Ultra Rares (1.5% chance) and either that’s incredible luck or a testament to how many free diamonds a new player receives.

Once you do receive a card that is at least a Rare, you can open the card menu and preview it in its full size. Earlier I mentioned upgrading cards and, while this is useful in-game for more power, it is also the biggest reason I’m still playing. Below are the two Ultra Rares I own, their 7-Star ratings feature their regular art. However, if you do upgrade the card to Level 100, they will transform into the 8-Star rating art. As I said at the start, being able to own these cards of one of my favourite shows is enough for me to keep playing and with a current Maid Event going on, you better believe I’m gonna continue with this one.


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