Since the site’s “relaunch” back in the start of July, Truly Trash Media has been doing incredibly well and it’s all thanks to each of you! This isn’t just a celebration video though. I’m someone who loathes the idea of becoming content, and although the site itself has been performing spectacularly, I want to broaden the horizon. To voice all of my thoughts and opinions I’ve put together a short commentary video (I’ve also summarised my points in text below for those of you who prefer reading to listening). If you want a say in what kind of articles I produce, this is the place to speak up.

Video Summary in Text:

In essence, focuses solely on anime is incredibly enjoyable and something I don’t get to do anywhere else. However, I am a Film Student and the amount of times I’ve had ideas that couldn’t come to fruition as a result of the blog’s pigeon-holed set up is too many to count. I know that there are ideas, interesting and new ideas that I could bring to the table that can only be tackled by using Film or Live Action TV Shows as a medium. In the full video, I ask you to speak from your perspective only, as a reader and a consumer of my content. It’s really important to me that you voice exactly what you think and don’t be shy about the way you phrase it.

Here’s the full commentary video where you can hear every nook and cranny of the ideas I have for Truly Trash Media: 

In Summary:

  • I want to branch into Film related content (non-specific to anime)
    • But I understand you followed for anime content specifically
  • Simply producing more articles consistently per week isn’t viable
    • So I’d be stalling the content you expect for the sake of new things
  • I’m asking for true opinions and if you could answer a couple questions it would be a great help.

Specific Questions:

  1. How important is my content being anime focused important to you?
  2. Would you prefer I alternate between Anime and Film content per week, or keep the anime schedule as it is and throw in Film content whenever I can
  3. Should this be on a separate domain (initially zero followers) or split this site into two Truly Trash Anime and Truly Trash Film both under “Truly Trash Media”


Any more information, advice or viewpoints you want to provide would be incredibly appreciated – you don’t just have to answer those three questions.