Truly Trash Media is the passion project of myself, Owen Corkin, created in the March of 2016. Originally, this site began as practice for my studies at college. Now almost three years since its creation, college has turned into university and I am currently in my second year working towards a degree in Creative Writing & Film Studies.

No longer limited to anime content, Truly Trash Media is the hub for my thoughts on all media. Not only will you find reviews, you will find: analytical articles, video essays, podcast episodes, top 5/top 10 lists and more casual discussion pieces. While the history is in covering anime for an audience of avid viewers, the focus is on any reader interested in film, animation or the media industry. If a particular game finds my fancy I may also write on my experiences. Unrestrained by group sites, this is my haven for personal opinions and developing my writing style.


As of now, there is no better way to support me other than reading my work on this website. You could also check out my Twitch.TV channel where I stream on, admittedly, irregular dates (but they’re always a bit of fun). Additionally, there is a YouTube channel in the works, as it always is, but there are a few things you can watch over there. Patreon could be a possibility but there are ads running on the site so I believe that just visiting the site is support enough. Finally, thank you to the readers who support the website by disabling their adblock for the domain.

If you wish to contact me or have something to say have a look at the contact page.