IMPORTANT POST – Website Update and Migration

Before you all jump ship, let me explain this entire post in a single sentence.

Migrating TrulyTrashMedia to another domain is for the entire purpose of improving the content you have followed the website for and provide better quality articles.

Okay, so now that you know this change is 100% for the better, I can explain what’s actually going on!

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What is Legacy Edition Content?

TLDR: Original posts to maintain the content that started Truly Trash Media. This “” site holds the unedited versions of the initial posts – the new and improved versions sit at

As a website, Truly Trash Media was established in January of 2016 and its first article was published in March of the same year. Having ran smoothly and successfully for a year now (as of writing this post), the expectations of the site began to outgrow its shell.

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