Truly Trash Podcast – EP 3: Dragon Maids and Mini Coopers

Amongst the heavy pressure levels that is coming with exam season, here is the slightly sleepy edition of the Truly Trash Podcast. In this episode, the end of Winter 2017 has come and gone so a roundup is due and a discussion on the airing season comes as well. Following the roundups, the main topic of the episode is the success and beauty of Kobayashi-san chi no Dragon Maid.

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Truly Trash Podcast – Episode Two

Although it may be later than anticipated here is an absolutely ram-packed edition of the Truly Trash Podcast. In this episode, the huge update to the site is discussed thoroughly so that you understand what’s going on. Following the website update, the series of Konosuba is then picked apart to see why so many fans have come to adore it so much.
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Truly Trash Podcast: Episode One

Albeit a bit late, here is the first official Non-Pilot episode of the Truly Trash Podcast! Now with a refined structure and having received feedback on Episode Zero, here is your tri-weekly supply of anime ramblings!
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Truly Trash Podcast – Episode Zero

Welcome to the start of a brand new line in the Truly Trash Media family! Having been in development and hidden under wraps for around three months now, I am proud to present the pilot episode (dubbed Episode Zero) of the Truly Trash Podcast. Continue reading “Truly Trash Podcast – Episode Zero”